Saturday, August 10, 2013

Moss - Mousse

Unfortunately, I can't identify the actual moss in these images (there aren't exactly a lot of field guides to moss identification). I've always found moss rather fascinating. I love the texture and appearance of mosses.

Moss gametophytes

 The second picture is my desktop background because I just love the texture. It's a fascinating-looking plant.

I've been very busy and stressed for a number of reasons in the last few weeks and I haven't been blogging much as a result. I still have tons of pictures to put up and things to say, I just needed to focus on the various crises that have laid themselves at my door.

The good news is, I've got everything sorted out for my change in program. I'm going into biology with a focus on ecology and agriculture. I have a qualifying year to do before entering a Master's program. I'm very pleased with my decision, in spite of the veritable avalanche of administrative crap I've been buried under getting everything sorted out. I've finally worked through all of it, save a last little bit to do next week which should take nothing more than showing up at my faculty to get registered in a course that's not part of my program.

I've been looking into field courses and I'm very eager to participate in a number. There are more field courses I want than time to take them all, but I suppose I'll just have to figure it all out.

There has been a death in the family and I won't be able to attend the funeral. I've been struggling with that a bit but I simply don't have the time to wallow; I don't have the breathing room to indulge in this, that's why I can't go to the funeral either. There are some extremely urgent matters I need to take care of.

I've finished my lab hours for the summer, so thankfully I should have a bit of a chance to rest now, if only briefly. I intend to take full advantage. I ease the stress with time in the woods; it works well.

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