Monday, August 12, 2013

Water - Eau

I'm reminded of an Arrogant Worms song: Rocks and Trees. 'Cause in Canada, we have rocks and trees and water.

Here are some photos of the water.

Small falls

There are features like this all over the Canadian Shield. It's a common (beautiful) sight. These falls have no name, as waterfalls in around here only earn a name when they're quite big. Otherwise there'd be named falls everywhere. Maps would become impossible.

Bridal Veil Falls
This photo of Bridal Veil Falls was taken in August, when the water flow is close to its lowest. In spite of that there's plenty of flow. This photo only encompasses about half of the falls, as it wasn't possible to climb down to the bottom of the falls safely.

Turbulent creek

Shallow, turbulent water is another common and beautiful sight in this region. There are streams and creeks everywhere. I love the pebbled effect of the water as each small flat portion of the surface reflects a slightly different image from the bottom.


This is the creek where the turbulent water photo above was taken. It winds its way through the forest. The waterfalls above are both on this water system, as well.

Pink Lake colours

This is a photo of the intense colour of Pink Lake, the nature of which is explained on the web page I've just linked. Below is another photo showing the form of Pink Lake a little better.

Pink Lake

Canada is a beautiful country.

Le Parc de la Gatineau se retrouve sur la frontière du Quebec et de l'Ontario. C'est une région qui demeure sur le boucle Canadien, qui contient beaucoup de systèmes d'eau. C'est ici où j'ai grandi, entouré d'arbres et d'eau. C'est un paysage dangereux et difficile, où la saison d'agriculture est courte et les températures sont extrèmes, mais c'est aussi un paysage incomparablement beau.

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