Friday, December 20, 2013

Life Cycle of Rhizopus stolonifer Mug

So I was making some nerdy mugs for Christmas and I realized that mugs are specially suited to cycles of various sorts (eg Kreb's cycle, life cycles). Seeing as I'm interested in the zygotic meiosis life cycle, which is of course pretty much the opposite of how the human life cycle works. Anyway, a good candidate for that is the black bread mould, Rhizopus stolonifer.

So yes, I drew the (simplified) life cycle of R. stolonifer on my mug.

I used a ceramic pen and the result is dishwasher-safe. I rather love it.

What I see when I use it

Composite image showing all of the stages depicted
It's of course quite obvious that I've simplified the sexual reproduction part; I haven't tried to depict karyogamy, mostly due to space constraints. I also haven't shown the asexual reproduction which could be occurring at the same time as the sexual reproduction (so the two mating types that I've indicated would also be producing spores).

I'm quite fond of this mug.