Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bridal Veil Falls - La Chute du voile de mariée

The spring melt always has a rather dramatic effect on waterways in Gatineau. We get a lot of snow, which becomes a lot of water in the springtime. Here's Bridal Veil Falls (on the MacKenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park), first a photo I took and posted in August 2013.

August 2013
And this is the same Bridal Veil Falls (from a bit further down) in May 2014.

May 2014
There were, in fact, quite a lot of falls in the area which appear to be temporary (don't look like a stream bed).

Temporary waterfall joining the stream on Bridal Veil Falls
I would highly recommend visiting Gatineau Park to anybody who gets the opportunity. There are lots of trails available for hikers of a wide range of skill and a great many beautiful sights to see.

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