Friday, May 22, 2015

Heartleaf Foamflower - Tiarella cordifolia

Another plant that was blooming at the lake over the weekend was Tiarella cordifolia (heartleaf foamflower), a rather unassuming little plant which is a used as a groundcover in gardens for its shade tolerance and vegetative propagation [1,2,3].

Tiarella cordifolia inflorescence
This plant's native range is in eastern North America (range map here). The plant is listed as endangered in New Jersey and Wisconsin [4] (no listing for the rest of its US range), and secure in its Canadian range except in Nova Scotia, where it is sensitive [5].

Tiarella cordifolia inflorescence (close view)
T. cordifolia is a member of the Saxigragaceae (saxifrage family) and exhibits the floral characteristics of the family (radially symmetric, hermaphroditic flowers with 4 or 5 petals and sepals, 5 or 10 stamens).

One source claims that this perennial species has winter-green leaves [6], a trait that would increase its ability to bloom quickly in the spring.

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