Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Genus Acer - Fall Colours

Went walking with E. along the Eardley Escarpment over the weekend. The fall colours are particularly spectacular this year and just getting started. The maples (genus Acer) tend to start changing colours first.

Surprisingly little poplar (genus Populus) on our walk, so none of the early yellows that they provide are shown here. Sorry about that. They're more common a bit further North than the Eardley Escarpment, which is basically the Southernmost tip of the boreal forest (and Canadian Shield).

Looking East along the Eardley Escarpment
There are some great walking trails in Gatineau Park, one of which meanders along the top of the escarpment, providing a number of opportunities to look out to the South.

Acer rubrum - red maple - just starting to turn
Acer saccharum - sugar maple - in peak colour
The maples set the hills ablaze, brilliant and transient against the smooth blue sky.

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