Monday, July 29, 2013

White Baneberry - Actaea Pachypoda - Actée à Gros Pédicelles

Cette plante est toxique à manger! Ne jamais consommer, s'assurer que les enfants ne consomment pas cette plante. La tige devient rouge et le fruit devient blancs avec le point noir au bout quand mûr.

This plant is toxic! Never eat this plant and make sure that children do not eat this plant. When ripe, the stalk turns red and the fruits turn white with a black point at the end.

A. pachypoda
White baneberry is a reasonably common plant in the region where I grew up. It is a strange-looking plant, all told. 

Unripe fruit of A. pachypoda
The fruit looks like it's watching you. As I understand it it is also called Doll's Eyes, a name I find quite appropriate, especially when the fruit has ripened and turned white.

Today I'm tired.

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