Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wood Frog - Rana Sylvatica - Grenouille des Bois

So this is another one spotted at Mont Cayamant. There were some stray puddles along the path (vernal pools), and they were filled to the brim with tiny little frogs and tadpoles. In the photo below, notice that the frog is sitting on a leaf. That's a pretty normal maple leaf, about four inches across or a little less. So the frog is teeny tiny. Note that wood frogs habitually breed in vernal pools, so this was by no means an unexpected finding. What I loved was their sheer number. Just as well, because they wouldn't stay still for photos! I got my feet very wet photographing this little guy.

Immature R. sylvatica
Though the light conditions were rather poor for photographing into the water, I managed to get a shot of a tadpole in its late stages of development:

R. sylvatica tadpole
It was a fun hike.

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