Friday, August 16, 2013

Ebony Jewelwing - Calopteryx Maculata - Demoiselle

When we were climbing Mont Cayamant I saw a number of odonata I don't usually see at the lake where I am generally, which is interesting considering that they're within a bare 15km of each other. In any case, I spotted a female ebony jewelwing damselfly, Calopteryx maculata. She was fortunately not very shy at all and it was easy to photograph her quite extensively.

Female C. maculata
 This is a good shot that shows the creature pretty well, I think. I know it's a female because it has the white stigma (spot on the wing); males of this species don't have the white spot.

C. maculata face
 I like the fierce, toothy appearance of a damselfly face.

C. maculata eating its prey
In this photo you can see that she's eating a bug that she's caught. Cool-looking creature.

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