Monday, June 29, 2015

Dragonflies in the City! - Odonata - Libellules

In spite of being stuck in the city, I have actually seen a few dragonflies. They are of two rather common species. The first one, an immature male Plathemis lydia (common whitetail) dragonfly who was not shy; he stayed quite still and seemed unconcerned about me and my camera:

Plathemis lydia immature male
Another dragonfly I saw was a mature male Libellula pulchella (twelve-spotted skimmer), who was hanging out in the insect garden at the Montreal Botanical Gardens:

Libellula pulchella mature male
This one also was not very shy, holding still and steady while I stuck my camera in his face.

There are also a few of the much shyer Ennalagma civile (familiar bluet damselfly), one of the most widespread and common North American damselflies. This one was photographed at the insect garden in the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Ennalagma civile

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